Building Bridges between MYP and DP through CAS

Building Bridges between MYP and DP through CAS

As the academic year 2017-2018 comes to a closure, we, QAIS IB DP students, decided to lead the secondary community meeting on June 13th, 2018. We engaged MYP students in realizing the similarities betwen MYP Service as Action and DP CAS (Creativity, Action and Service), in order for them to become aware of how their service experiences can be amplified.

We thought it was important for  MYP students to become aware of the planning process in CAS, so that they begin working on their CAS mindset in MYP and, hence, be able to excell on it in DP. Therefore, we decided to present it to them in an engaging way.

After a lot of discussion, we landed on breaking into groups and having those groups plan a, hypothetical, CAS project. This would help them understand how CAS can be done around their interest and with teamwork. When we finished this activity, we added an intro to CAS to get them in the mindset for the activity. We also decided to present each group’s project at the end, of the meeting, to show everyone the variety of options that there were for a CAS project. We also aimed to show them the connection between CAS and the Service and Action projects that many of them have already participated in.

We hope that this engagement serves as a bridge between MYP and DP. Service and Action are two crucial elements in IB education, and it was our hope that by leading this session in this manner, we contribute to easing the transition from one program to the other. Likewise, we hope this experience helps our classmates realize that successful, sustainable projects are part of lifelong learning, and that they may grow in impact as we grow older with projects that we initiated as well.

I am graduating the DP this year, so I was happy to be a part of this contribution to making Service and Action a relevant part of QAIS.

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