Grade 6 & 7 Language Acquisition Exploration while travelling

Grade 6 & 7 Language Acquisition Exploration while travelling

In Grade 6 and 7 Language Acquisition Chinese class, our current unit is about exploration. In this unit, we focus on what exploration while traveling. The objectives of this unit are:
a) Reflect on what to explore and how learn about history, cultural expression, sightseeing,
relics, shopping and food.
b) Understand that language can be used to express preferences and choices.

Students worked collaboratively to research historical and cultural sightseeing as well as traditional food in Beijing. In the research, students further learned that dragons symbolized emperors, prestige and power. Ancient buildings in the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven not only displayed ancient Chinese royal families lifestyles but also preserved the culture from antiquity to present day.

To showcase the students’ understanding of traveling, they applied their knowledge and understanding through written and oral work. Students simplified the information they researched and put into papers. They also practiced their oral communication skills by sharing their findings with peers in class. In the presentations, students shared their traveling experiences, the significance of those historical and cultural relics, and how the knowledge benefited them as learners.

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