Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

For our current unit in 7thand 8th grade English Language Acquisition class, we are focused on how communities, identities, and relationships can be better understood through a meaningful exploration of the systems and organizations that surround or control them.

We seek to know:

  • How our relationships with other people and the organizations we are part of contribute to our identity,
  • What communities we are part of,
  • What we are ethically bound to do as members of an organization/community, and
  • Why it is important to empathize with members of our (or other) communities.
  • How to effectively use English to communicate ideas and information to our community and others.

We are guided by the thought that understanding and expressing ideas about communities as organizations, and individuals as part of those communities, requires empathy and thoughtful understanding of word choice and context.

To begin our journey, students worked together to negotiate a list of the qualities that are most important for leaders and members to possess for a community to be a positive and healthy environment for all. Once they decided on the requirements, they developed the language we will use to evaluate and discuss organizations.

Creating vocabulary lists from the characteristics they agreed upon.

Creating vocabulary lists from the characteristics they agreed upon.

Today they took those ideas and modeled the ideas of being caring, respectful, supportive, and knowledgeable members of the QAIS community while helping 3rd grade students with a project merging English with Math.

We are partnered with Mrs. Daniels’ PYP Grade 3 throughout this unit to deepen our relationships within our school community and work together on a group project to serve our larger Qingdao community.

Working together to build strong ties and serve our community at large!

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