6th Grade Steps Up!

6th Grade Steps Up!

6th grade English students have been hard at work and are now putting their skills to use to serve their community. In English B, students are developing their reading fluency and comprehension, and practicing speaking and writing in an academic setting.  To put their growing skills to work, they have taken on the role of Reading Buddies to Mrs. Indah’s 1st grade class alongside the English A students in Mrs. Katie’s class.

Before the break, they demonstrated good reading practices for their 1st grade partners and read each a story about a journey. This week they were interviewed by their buddies and practiced their speaking skills to answer questions about the journeys they take each day.  Every Friday, they will practice their communication and leadership skills while serving their school community.

Acting as role models gives them a real life framework to practice and enhance their skills as they help the 1st grade students do the same.

We’re growing together and building a strong learning community!

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