Jimo Village Field Trip – Learning About Community and Building Relationships Close to Home.

Jimo Village Field Trip – Learning About Community and Building Relationships Close to Home.

Friday, November 2nd, Ms. Michelle’s English B and Mrs. Katie’s English A students took a trip to Jimo Village with Mrs. Meredith’s 3rd grade class.

We were treated to a morning of picking apples and learning about life at a small farm. Students gathered all they could carry to bring home to their families and their purchases brought valuable business to the farm. We learned about how wrapping the fruit in small bags on the trees helps to protect them from pests and damage, learned how to harvest lettuce, and met some adorable dogs. After reading Animal Farm in Ms. Michelle’s class, this was a great way to see a physical representation of the metaphor we’ve used all through our unit to discuss organizations and communities.

After all that work, we took a short walk to where the villagers prepared us a delicious lunch of their local favorites and all the students had a great time.

Then we rolled up our sleeves and got to the real work of the trip! While the 3rd grade worked with Ms. Meredith and Mr. Chris to scout the location for their art mural project, the 7th and 8th graders unpacked boxes of books donated by the QAIS library to add to the shelves of the Jimo Library. Then Ms. Michelle’s students had a valuable opportunity to meet with the mayor and interview him to learn more about what it takes to be a strong leader and have a thriving community. This begins the final work for our first unit and I was very proud of the level of questions the students posed to Mr. Don in their meeting.  Each of them demonstrated a new understanding of what it means to be responsible for a whole community and how everyone must work together for it to be a positive home for all.

Our next unit will focus on the power of sharing our personal stories and hearing the stories of others, so this trip was a great ice-breaker for the students to meet people in the village and develop a sense of the community before we return for personal interviews and to share stories with the people we met.

Keep an eye out for our next trip in December and the student exhibit to follow!

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