Grade 12 Chinese Ab Initio Food  Culture class

Grade 12 Chinese Ab Initio Food Culture class


In our Grade 12 Chinese Ab Initio class, students learned about food and drinks. In this unit, we focused on investigating daily meals across different cultures by interviewing staff from different nationalities, and considered the differences of Asian and Western eating diets.  They discussed and analyzed the connection between food and festive celebrations, the symbolism of certain food in traditional festivals, and meaning behind the festive celebrations.

Along with food, students also reflected on differing food utensil culture. We inquired about the chopstick cultures of China, Korea and Japan. Students learned how to master chopstick skills by picking up different items with chopsticks. They further learned the similarities and differences between cultures that use chopsticks compared to cultures that use forks, knives and spoons. Last but not least, students shared their experience of eating Chinese food in Chinese restaurants, what food they like and dislike and why.







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