6th Grade Students Become the Teachers

6th Grade Students Become the Teachers

6th grade English students took on a big task today by using their English skills to teach Mrs Indah’s first-grade students about shadows.

One group worked in Ms Michelle’s room to show the 1st grade how a light casts their shadow against the wall and then traced their heads onto black paper. After the little ones left, they cut the heads out so we can laminate them and cut them out one more time before they take them down to the 1st-grade class the next week and help each child make a personal shadow puppet.

The second group worked in Mrs Katie’s room and taught the 1st-grade students how to use their hands and a light to cast shadow animals on the wall or floor using flashlights and phones. The 1st-grade students learned quickly and now can make their own.

Working in teams the 6th-grade students demonstrated leadership, planning, and patience by taking this on and doing an excellent job when the younger students arrived. Stay tuned next week to see the final products!

We’re growing together in MYP and PYP!

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