From Music Students to Musicians…a Parents Perspective of IBDP HL

From Music Students to Musicians…a Parents Perspective of IBDP HL

As a parent of teens, I’ve learned to really enjoy the conversations that we’ve had with one another. I’ve found Cameron and Brandon (my children) to be insightful, interesting, and quite funny.  When we came into the DP program, I can honestly say that they weren’t particularly communicative, but with maturity and patience, we’ve all found a common ground.

Music has been a central part of their lives for quite some time. Like most teens, the latest trends, and the hottest bands have taken up a large portion of their free time. In coming to the IBDP Music program one year ago, I would never have guessed the impact that it would have on my children.

When we arrived, Cameron and Brandon were music students. Both had played an instrument for some time. My son had become disillusioned with his instruments; my daughter was still playing, but she was a very one-dimensional musician.

As they entered the HL Music program, there became an understanding of the nuances of music. From the cultural differences to composition and solo performance, my children began learning an enormous amount about music. No doubt, it is a difficult program; it is also the challenge, though, that has assisted with their musical growth.

It’s very interesting, as a parent, to listen to a conversation between teenagers. Even more interesting is when they’re spending time debating different classical pieces. As they’ve grown musically, my son has now gained an appreciation for wide-range of music spanning from classical to jazz; my daughter, although still enjoying contemporary music, has gained an appreciation for various genres—especially classical.

As Cameron and Brandon embark on the next stage of their academic careers, I’m amazed that they have chosen to focus on music. Gone are the discussions about the importance of practice. In its place is the understanding that being a student of music requires the ability to analyze, compose, and articulate an understanding of music. In short, my two music students have now become musicians…and I can’t but be in awe of who they have become with this opportunity.

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