Sharing What We’ve Learned Through Graphic Novels

Sharing What We’ve Learned Through Graphic Novels

9th and 10th grade English Language Acquisition students used graphic novels to study the Islamic Revolution in Iran through the story Persepolis and how writers can merge images and text to tell powerful stories throughout Unit 1.

To put what they studied to good use, they combined all they learned about the conventions of graphic novels with the research they completed for Humanities on an imperialist movement in history in the country of their choice.

Each wrote their own graphic novel to demonstrate synthesis of their research and class work in English B and Humanities into concrete understanding and to leave behind something for future students to be able to use to better understand these movements.

We sought to know:

How graphic novelists can share rich and important stories by merging text and art.

How the conventions of graphic novels work together to tell a story.

How movements in history often change every aspect of daily life for the people impacted by them.

How graphic novels differ from other types of texts.

How to create a graphic novel of our own.

The students went above and beyond our goals with the completion of their graphic novels. Their work will be published next semester and available in the school library for all to read.

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