Special Delivery to Jimo Village | 前往即墨的暖心专递

Special Delivery to Jimo Village | 前往即墨的暖心专递

Today Apple, Charles, and Cher headed off to Jimo Village with hundreds of donations that they have gathered since June 2018 to wrap up their service project and learn more about the area.

今天,Apple, Charles, and Cher带着自2018年6月以来筹集的数百笔捐赠前往即墨,结束他们的服务项目,了解更多有关该地区的情况

We added almost 100 new books, games, and puzzles to the library, set aside the toys that will be just the beginning of the play area design as the new community center is built this Spring and delivered many big boxes packed full of clothes, shoes, blankets, and other household goods. This would not have been possible without the many generous donations from you, our QAIS family, so we thank you!!!

我们在图书馆增加了近100本新书、游戏和谜题,并留出部分玩具,用于明年春天新建的社区中心的休闲娱乐区域。另外,还捐赠了数箱衣服、鞋子、毯子和其他家居用品。当然,如果没有你们——我们QAIS 家族的大量慷慨捐助, 这是不可能的实现的, 所以我们由衷的感谢您!!!

Once our work was done, we were led on a tour of the village by the Mayor, Mr. Don. We saw how peanuts are worked into peanut oil, Charles tried his hand at chopping up kindling from a tree, we met some geese, chickens, pigs, and a beautiful farm dog, climbed to the top of a home to see the area from above, walked through a snowy peach and cabbage farm, and ended it all with a chat about the public paintings displayed in the community and how messages are delivered through the art. There may have even been a snowball fight or two.

工作一结束,Mr. Don.就带领我们参观了整个村庄。我们看到花生是如何变成花生油的,Charles 一试身手如何劈柴,我们遇到了一些鹅、鸡、猪、狗和一个美丽的农场,爬到一个家的顶端, 从上面领略了整个风光,穿过一个有积雪的桃子和卷心菜农场。最后, 我们聊起了社区的公共绘画, 以及如何通过艺术传递信息。甚至还发生了一两场雪球大战。

It was great to get out and enjoy the crisp, beautiful day and be of service to the community.

We hope you will support us next semester when we begin our big push to design and set up the play area of the community center in March.

Thank you once again to each and every one of you who donated items or helped us get the word out. We appreciate you!





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