Reading our Productions to our Intended Audience

Reading our Productions to our Intended Audience

We can only confirm how effectively we have written a piece of writing when we test it with the intended audience. Therefore, in order to witness how the audience for their stories (PYP2) reacted, MYP2 English Language Acquisition Students visited the PYP2 classroom in order to read their productions.

MYP2 students are about to wrap up their work in a unit under the global context Orientation and Space and Time, in which they are exploring human stories and journeys. In this inquiry, students are hoping to understand that “Individuals share stories that reflect experiences at a certain point in their lives in different places.”

MYP2 students have been reading a wide variety of stories from different voices, which show different perspectives about different problems, and identified their favorite character in each. With their “collection of favorite characters”, students created their neighborhood and considered the interactions among characters to produce a story. The boys in the class wrote from the perspective of a girl, and the girls wrote from the perspective of a boy.

Having finished their stories, MYP2 students went to the PYP2 classroom to read the stories they had written. Not only was this a challenge for them because they had to read their stories out loud, but also because they were about to test whether they had used the correct level of language and whether they had chosen the appropriate words. Nonetheless, the results couldn’t have been more positive.

MYP2 became aware of  PYP2 students’ understanding of the concept of perspective and audience  (which calls for applause for their fabulous teacher: Ms. Jessica Vargas), and they also realized that their audience understood their stories and were able to respond to them effectively.

This sharing experience concluded with a series of questions that allowed Ms. Jessica and I to celebrate how sharing stories across programs can enrich students’ learning experiences.








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