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From Music Students to Musicians…a Parents Perspective of IBDP HL

As a parent of teens, I’ve learned to really enjoy the conversations that we’ve had with one another. I’ve found Cameron and Brandon (my children) to be insightful, interesting, and quite funny.  When we came into the DP program, I can honestly say that they weren’t particularly communicative, but with maturity and patience, we’ve all found a […]


CIS China Tour

Over 20 universities from the USA and Europe attended the CIS China Tour held at YCIS. QAIS Grades 9-12 students traveled to Huang Dao and took advantage of this opportunity. Below are a few snapshots of this event.

By Rafael Angel | College Preparation . IB DP . IB MYP

Building Bridges for University Education | 为大学教育搭建桥梁

Nowadays, universities aim at forming citizens that contribute to society, to the field of knowledge they choose, and that create impact in this ever changing world. For this reason, universities around the world hold the IB programs in high esteem as universities and world organizations alike have realized that the IB MYP instills lifelong learning […]


Public Speaking and College Preparation

Speech students at QAIS deliver a variety of presentations, both as individuals and in groups. From performance-based speeches, to business and professional marketing campaigns, to debate, students learn to identify the needs of their audience and tailor their presentations to achieve the highest level of engagement. 7th grade student, Skye, gives an informative and enjoyable […]

By Trisha Hasbrouck | College Preparation . IB DP . IB MYP . Speech