Secondary Sharing


Building Bridges between MYP and DP through CAS

As the academic year 2017-2018 comes to a closure, we, QAIS IB DP students, decided to lead the secondary community meeting on June 13th, 2018. We engaged MYP students in realizing the similarities betwen MYP Service as Action and DP CAS (Creativity, Action and Service), in order for them to become aware of how their […]


HIS and QAIS joined MYP Personal Project Presentation 2018

The MYP Personal Project is: A research task conducted over an established period of time. A research project based on a specific area of knowledge. A research project chosen by students on a topic of their interest. A demonstration of students’ abilities to manage time, do research, collaborate, and communicate ideas. An example of research […]


Find Your Mountain | 寻找你的山峰

Teachers are more than just individuals who instruct others about a particular subject; they are people who change lives and inspire to do great things. Educators can ignite a fire of interest in a particular field of study, they can encourage a talent and help craft it or they can simply just be the reinforcement […]


Students Taking the Lead

Recently, MYP and DP students have been meeting to come up with ways to make positive changes to QAIS and the Qingdao community. Students are now creating Ambassador groups in hopes of leading the way in community service, school activities, art, and sports programs, along with many more. Students will hone their leadership and communication […]


The ATL Museum Part I

Every morning, throughout this academic year, QAIS advisory program has engaged students in talking about learning. MYP students have watched inspirational videos and expressed their opinion about them; they have also looked at a variety of Global Issues and have commented upon them; they have engaged in the study of specific skills they have to […]


Secondary Sharing Meeting – 中学部的分享会

文章如下: Secondary students had their first sharing meeting of the school year this past Friday. 11th grade student Shirley was awarded her certificate for completion of her MYP Personal Project, an important capstone project to the MYP and the first awarded in our school history. The Student Council shared some initiatives to increase school spirit. […]

By Jon Springer | Secondary Sharing